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Practice Areas


Legal fees and cost assessments.

Civil Litigation

Any claims for damages whether financial, or to the person.

Family Law

Divorce, separation, support, division of property, mediation and custody.

Personal Injury

All physical and mental injuries resulting from negligence or intentional acts.

Brain Injury

Any head or brain injuries resulting from any type of accident or assault.

Catastrophic Injury

Injuries and impairments that are catastrophic in nature.

Medical Malpractice

Negligence claims against medical professionals and organizations.

Birth Injury

Injuries resulting from negligence in the child birthing process.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car, truck, motorcycle, boat, personal watercraft, and all terrain vehicle accidents.

Accident Benefits

Benefit entitlements from motor vehicle insurers.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Walking, running, and biking accidents that take place on public or private property.

Occupier’s Liability

Claims arising out of injuries sustained on public or private property.

Insurance Litigation

Claims against insurance companies.

Assault & Battery

Claims arising out of injuries sustained from assault or battery.

Wrongful Death

Claims arising out of wrongful death.

Product Liability

Defective consumer and commercial products causing injury, death or other losses.